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Charles Isherwood, The New York Times, says that Ben Plattís Broadway performance will hardly reduce the snobbish criticism, which, he says, is what he has never heard in the theater.


Broadway is preparing to accept Dear Evan Hansen with Ben Platt playing the title role, a musical, which has received quite a lot of criticism, particularly after its run at the Second Stage Theatre. The spate of criticism was triggered by a specific approach to portraying the hardships of youth and a young manís craving for love and understanding. Dear Evan Hansen expresses all these emotions through songs written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul that have won Oscar have been nominated for Tony Awards. The duo is also known for its soundtracks to La La Land. In 2017, Dear Evan Hansen received six Tony Awards, including Best Leading Actor and Best Musical.

It should be noted that Ben will not be there on Wednesdays and Saturday matinees, as Michael Lee Brown is going to stand in for him. From November 11 and until November 19, Ben will feature all performances.


Dear Evan Hansen tells us how fast false information can travel, leaving zero chance for truth, and how badly it can hurt a young person. The story portrays a high school student (Evan) struggling with anxiety attacks and trying his hardest to get just a little bit of respect in the eyes of his classmates. Later, one of his classmates named Connor gets so depressed that he commits a suicide. Several weeks later, a suicide note appears and, most likely, it is addressed to Evan.

This gives Evan the much-longed attention from his peers, as everyone believes than Evan and Connor were friends. They begin asking Evan about Connorís mental state, trying to find out what had made him want to kill himself. This whole thing starts to change Evanís life. He begins to do his best to keep the memory of Connor by saying things that were not true. The note gives a bit of solace to Connorís grieving parents and sister Zoe, with whom Evan is in love. However, social media begin to put all this information and Evanís motives to doubt.