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One of the best musicals in history, Hello, Dolly! Yields to Broadway at a critically acclaimed production that picked up four 2017 Tony awards.

When Hello, Dolly! Premiered on Broadway in 1964, it set the record for the longest running Broadway musical at that moment, running for 2,844 performances. In addition, it caused the dawn of a new age of musical theater, when many shows played for tens of thousands of performances. Additionally, it swept the Tony Awards, winning ten from those eleven awards for which it received a nomination. Now for the very first time in a totally new staging, Hello, Dolly! Comes to Broadway starring the sole girl who the show's creators felt may be a Dolly for the 21st century: Better Midler.

What's Hello Dolly! Like?
Before accepting producer Scott Rudin's supply to perform Dolly Levi, nee Gallagher, at the classic musical traditional Hello, Dolly! , Bette Midler did her study. After viewing the previous performances of excellent actresses from the character such as Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey, studying production notes by the first manager of the 1964 premiere, also thoroughly listening to the songs, Midler determined that she believed this personality in the her bones. Over 50 years after the series first came to Broadway, and over 20 years since its final resurrection, Hello, Dolly! Is a classic that appeals to centuries. It tells the story of Dolly, a renowned matchmaker and meddler in the beginning of the 20th century at new york. The show's title song "Hello, Dolly!" Was really made famous by Louis Armstrong before the Broadway premiere; he listed it as a demonstration record.
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Can Be Hello Dolly! Great for Children?
Yes! The series is ideal for children over age 4. Kids under the age of 4 aren't allowed in the theater.

Which are the best chairs for Hello, Dolly!?
Every place has its own chairs design and finest viewing angles. For lots of the places, chairs behind the orchestra offer the nearest screening to the point, whilst balcony chairs make it possible for fans to look at the display from up above.

When should I arrive at the theatre for Hello, Dolly!?
The doorways of the Shubert Theater available 45 minutes before show time. It's strongly recommended to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the production.

Can my child need a ticket to Hello, Dolly! Broadway?
All entrants, regardless of what their age, will be asked to have a ticket to attend the Hello, Dolly! Broadway production.

What's the dress code for attending the Hello, Dolly! Broadway production?
Typically there's not dress code enforced at places to find the Hello, Dolly! Broadway production, however it's best practice to use business casual to formal apparel to find how the Broadway plays.

Am I allowed to take pictures at Hello, Dolly! Broadway?
Taking video or still photography in the Hello, Dolly! Productions is strictly illegal and guests captured using cameras throughout the creation will frequently be requested to leave the theater.

With a few of the most memorable performances in musical theater, there is enormous demand for Hello,Dolly! tickets.